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July 15, 2014

Index of Claimants Found in Commissioners Reports 1836-1845 Ontario

Canadiana.Org has digitized 21 films of the Heir & Devisee Commission Papers (Heir & Devisee Commission papers 1797-1854, found in their Heritage Collection), and that's a good thing for genealogists. These records have valuable and informative genealogical documents.

But as mentioned in a previous blog post I wrote called Heir & Devisee Commission 1797-1854 on - Listing Errors and a Workaround, the index and description of what is in each film, as provided on,  is incorrect.

I have been slowly going through each film and noting the correct contents in detail.  My first set of detailed listings of the contents of film H1133 can be viewed at No Response from so here are the Heir & Devisee Commission Film Details 

A complete and correct list of contents of many of the films can be found on Olive Tree Genealogy website at Finding  Aid for Heir & Devisee Commission Online Films

As I continue in my corrections, I happened upon this wonderful index of names for Commissioners Reports 1836-1845 on film H1151.  The description stating that H1151 contains V. 90-98 is incorrect. This film contains V. 86-89 Below is the index for Names A-C for Volume 86 of microfilm H1151 Heir & Devisee Commission. You may save these images to your computer then enlarge them in your graphic program to read. There are 32 pages of names total and I will continue publishing them here on Olive Tree Genealogy blog. 

Volume 86 consists of Commissioners Reports 1836-1845 on images 49-319. Using the index below, you see that Robert Brown is indexed as page 168. We can then go directly to the Heir & Devisee Commission online microfilm and hunt for this page in order to view Robert's claim.

Robert Brown's name mentioned on page 168 be continued

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