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July 9, 2014

WW2 Love Letters Found in Attic

WW2 Love Letters Found in Attic
A man removing insulation from the attic of his home had quite a surprise. Inside the walls he found a stack of letters and cards from WW2.

According to the news story "the findings were wrapped in a dainty, disintegrating pink ribbon and included a birth certificate from 1942 for William Kissel, Frein's father, and a marriage certificate from 1941 for Edward and Virginia Kissel, Frein's grandparents."

Determined to track down descendants, the story was sent to a local news station and soon a granddaughter was found. But there's more....

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome story!

Unfortunately, in today's email and text society, discoveries like this aren't likely to happen for future generations. There won't be letters to discover because letters were never written.

Maybe this story can serve to remind us of the importance of sending "hard copy" letters and cards, rather than just digital messages.

Rebecca said...

This story was a wonderful way to start my day! I'm so glad you posted it!