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July 21, 2014

Remembering WW1 Soldier George Lynn

George Lynn's WW1 Helmet
George Lynn was born in August 1891 in Stayner Ontario Canada. His parents were William and Margaret (Hoar) Lynn. He enlisted in the CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) in June 1915. 

My husband and I own the helmet he wore while fighting overseas. It has the logo of the Machine Gun Corps he was in. Unfortunately it is very faint now and difficult to see.

George Lynn Attestation
Are you wondering why we have George's helmet? We also own a top-hat he wore for special occassions. Both were purchased many years ago from one of George's sons, who we know.

We didn't know George but we knew his wife Millicent. She was a War Bride who met and married George in England in December 1918, then came to Canada with other War Brides in February 1919 on the ship Metagama. 

George had returned home earlier in December 1918 on the hospital ship Araguaya.

The couple settled in Penetanguishene Ontario and raised 3 sons. Millicent was a lovely lady who always wore white gloves and reminded me of Helen Hayes. She was born Millicent May Reddish in Lancashire England to parents William and Emily (Moreland) Reddish. 

Having George's helmet helps us remember him and his service to our country.


Mary Angus-Yanke said...

I research genealogy, and my great-grandmother was a Lynn from the Kingston then Goderich, Ontario areas. I would be interested to know if your George Lynn is related to mine :)

Michael Harris said...

These are great things to have.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that you do a lot of research on Canadian WW1 Soldiers, have you checked out the new virtual memorial?
You can lookup for CEF soldiers and contribute to their stories by adding references, external documents and images. The memorial is planned to be a permanent feature and with the welcome addition of CEF service files by the end of this year, this could get very interesting! Ok, I agree, it's a bit tedious to add one reference/image/document after the other on the website but I think you could be interested in contributing!
Thank you for your wonderful content and your research!
Happy hunting,

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Marylene - not only do I know about the website, I was a beta tester for it.

I have written 3 blog posts about it. One is a tutorial on how to add facts and details to a soldier. They can be read at

The CEF files were added some time ago, and I've already added to over a dozen CEF soldiers

It's a wonderful site!

Anonymous said...


I should check your blog more often then! :)
P.S. I meant the CEF *service* files on Library & Archives Canada, they are not fully digitised yet.