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September 25, 2014

How I Wish I Could Ask Uncle Wally About His Family

Walter Fuller ca 1916
My grandfather Charles Fuller was born in Ramsgate England in 1893. He died young at the age of 48 in Guelph Ontario. In an odd twist of fate, his younger brother Walter, who was born in 1912 is still with us. Uncle Wally is now 102 years old!

How I wish that Uncle Wally was not deaf as a stone because I sure would love to ask him questions about my grandfather and his parents and grandparents. 

Can you imagine the stories that Uncle Wally could tell?


Anonymous said...

Can Uncle Wally still read? Write out your questions for hime.

Anonymous said...

Inscribe your questions in icing on a big "Good Uncle Wally" cake.
Uncle Wally may have been waiting for years for a chance to share his memories!

Barbara Brown said...

Uncle Wally may have been waiting for years to be able to share his memories. Inscribe your questions in icing on a big "Yay Uncle Wally" cake

Dana Leeds said...

That was going to be my suggestion, too. Maybe he'd love to write out his stories! Or, write them & he might love to tell them. :)

Peter Szewc said...

I'm in Guelph, do you know where his grave is? I could snap a pic.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Peter I am not sure whose grave you mean?

All my family members are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery

Mountain Mama said...

If he can still read, use a BIG font and ask him simple, open-ended written questions. Record the answers. He may remember more than you expect. Many of my elderly relatives don't remember what they had for breakfast, but remember what they did 60 years ago.