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September 19, 2014

Looking For Mable

Several years ago, my husband bought a portrait of a beautiful woman. According to the antique dealer who owned the store,  the painting was done by Mable (or Mabel) Savage and was her self-portrait. Mable was said to be a teacher in Stratford Ontario Canada.

For years we have searched for Mabel to no avail. We do not know if she was a Savage by birth or by marriage. We estimate her date of birth to be ca 1870-1880 and this painting done ca 1890-1900.

Do you recognize Mable?  This is not the original frame. You can see from the shadowing that the portrait was originally in an oval frame that was not with the portrait. My husband bought the portrait loose and chose the mount and frame you see below.


Dana Leeds said...

I love that you are trying to track down Mabel. Best wishes!

Rosemary Neeb said...

Hi Lorrine, I think I may have found your Mable Savage. Her full names was Mabel Elva Savage m. Ernest Alexander Martyn Nov. 2, 1916 , in Port Perry, Ontario , School teacher. I found this information on on Birth/Marriage/Deaths.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thank you everyone for your help and ideas. Mable has been found and on Sunday I will be posting an update with information about her.

I am very excited about this!