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September 28, 2014

Mystery Marker Found in Wagoner Oklahoma Cemetery

Mystery Marker Found in Wagoner Oklahoma Cemetery
The Three Forks Genealogy Society recently unearthed a mystery marker at Elmwood Cemetery  in Wagoner Oklahoma. The marker, found buried in the earth, read

 "The Year of Our Lord 1919, Bethel Hill A.M.E. Church." It listed the pastor as William J. Stanley and the church trustees as A.J. Foster, A.L. Rollins, R.A. Montague, J.L. Rollins, and J.H. Montague. 

Members of the Society have so far been unable to find out exactly who these individuals were and are asking for help from the public.

Continue reading this story at Group asking for public's help to identify mystery marker found in historic Wagoner cemetery

Credits: "Research" by jscreationzs on


Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wishing them luck in their research!

Dana Leeds said...

How interesting!

Ann said...

There are Bethel Hill Churches in N. Carolina, Pennsylvania. A.M.E stands for African Methodist Episcopal Church. It may have been brought to Oklahoma by the Black friends/descendants of the persons named. Please consider that May and June 1921 was the race riot in Tulsa that left 10,000 homeless. Is it possible that it came to Wagoner as a 'keepsake' either by mob, or those who had possession of it?

Robert Holley said...

Has anyone found anything definite yet on this mystery? My family is from NE Oklahoma, and I have found whereabouts of some of the people on the tombstone as well as an old newspaper reference to the Bethel Hill AME Church. I communicated this to the genealogical society via their website, but never received any reply..

Robert Holley
yer roots tracker
Miami, FL