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October 27, 2014

The 1870 Facey Hymn Book Goes to a New Home

A tiny prayer and hymn book has been passed down in my husband's family since 1870. A few weeks ago it came to my husband. It was given by his 3rd great grandfather Edmund (Edwin) Facey to his wife Mary Little in West Nissouri Ontario on January 25, 1870.

The 1870 Facey Hymn Book Goes to a New Home
We are not sure of the significance of the date or what event it might have celebrated. Edmund Facey was born in September 1813 in St. Winnow, Cornwall England and married Mary Little in February 1841 in Stoke Damerol, Devon England. 

Mary's date of birth was May 1814 in St. Pinnock, Cornwall England. In 1852 the family left England for Ingersoll Ontario Canada. 

By December 1865 they had settled in W. Nissouri Tp. Middlesex Co. Ontario. It was just 4 years later when Edmund gave Mary this tiny book. It has been well-used and well-loved over the years!

The 1870 Facey Hymn Book Goes to a New Home
Mary Facey, West Nissouri, Ont. from Edwin Jan. 25, 1870
 The line of descent is from Edmund & Mary (Little Facey) to their grandaughter Mary Louisa Facey who was born in 1882 in W. Nissouri. Mary Louisa married William Elgie in 1904. 

The book then passed to either  their daughter Florence or Verda Luella, my husband's grandmother. My husband's mother was the next to receive the book and now it is my husband's turn to treasure it and pass it on to the next generation.


Anonymous said...

What are some of the well known hymns in the book?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Since I don't know ANY hymns, I am the wrong person to ask! I wouldn't know if a hymn was well known or not