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June 22, 2015

Building An Ancestor's Face from DNA Could be Possible One Day

I love new technology! Can you imagine one day perhaps being able to reconstruct the faces of our ancestors from DNA? Don't scoff. It may be a reality. 

Scientists have been using a technique called "molecular photo fitting" to reconstruct faces of criminals, based on genetic markers from their DNA.

In a BBC series called Catching History's Criminals: The Forensics Story, this technology offers the prospect of generating a face from nothing more than a few cells. In the Forensic world this means that a few cells of DNA left at the scene of a crime would allow the criminal's face to be reconstructed. 

In an experiment the face of Surgeon Gabriel Weston was reconstructed using nothing more than DNA from her saliva. It's a pretty uncanny likeness and you can see the results at Building the face of a criminal from DNA on BBC News.

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