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June 26, 2015

Who Do You Think You Are is Back With New Celebrity Guests

Who Do You Think You Are is Back With New Celebrity Guests
 The two-time Emmy nominated series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? returns this summer to share more fascinating stories, and shed light on surprising revelations, of the real life family history of celebrities. 

Executive Produced by Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, the new season premieres Sunday, July 26 at 9/8c.
 The contributors featured in the upcoming season include:
·         Tom Bergeron, who is aware of his French Canadian roots on his paternal side, but wants to know what brought his ancestors to North America. He goes as far back as his 10x great grandmother to find the answer.
·         Bryan Cranston, who comes to discover an unfortunate pattern amongst the men in his family.
·         Ginnifer Goodwin, who sets out to learn about her mysterious paternal great grandparents, whom her father, regretfully, does not know much about either.
·         Alfre Woodard, who strives to find out more about the paternal side of her family, and explores how her surname came to be.
Additionally, TLC will air the U.S. premiere of J.K. Rowling’s episode of the series, where the best-selling author sets off to uncover her maternal French roots. She finds that a family war story might not be what she thought when military records reveal a surprising twist. , the leading family history company, is teaming up again with TLC as a sponsor of the upcoming season. As part of the show sponsorship, Ancestry provides exhaustive family history research on each of the featured celebrities to help make discoveries possible and build out the story of each episode.



Drama Queen said...

About time they start to show some of the BBC programs. I hope they dont cut anything to fit their commericals

Laurie Robinson said...

Can Alfre's great grandpa possibly be born in 1841 if she was born in 1952?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Laurie - of course he can! Lets say g gpa born 1841 was 40 when he had his child (1881) That child (grandpa) was also 40 when his child (father of Alfre) was born so now we are in 1921 for A's father. Add another 40 to that if he too was 40 when A. born, makes 1961. Since A was born 1952 the math is even easier :-)

We have no idea how old her male ancestors were at each child's birth - for all we know great grandpa was 60 when his child was born.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is possible. I am 70 and my great grandfather was born in 1837.