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June 29, 2015

Victorian Lunatic Asylum Patient Photos - So Tragic

Faces of pain: Harrowing portraits from Victorian lunatic asylum were taken by doctor who believed photos could help 'cure' them - even though many were only there because their husbands had tired of them. These Haunting images give an insight into harrowing lives of women forced to live at Suffolk County Lunatic Asylum

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Dana Leeds said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the story... those photos are incredible historical photos!

I've read two books of historical fiction that dealt with how women were put in asylums because they didn't go along with their spouse's or father's wishes. They are: "What She Left Behind" by Ellen Marie Wiseman, a truly haunting story that was difficult to read because of the emotions, and "Blue Asylum" by Kathy Hepinstall which was from the Civil War time period.