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June 16, 2015

Fully Dressed 350 Year Old Body found in France

Fully Dressed 350 Year Old Body found in France
Screenshot from The Guardian
The body of Louise de Quengo, a widow who died in 1656, was found fully dressed along with the preserved heart of her dead husband. The City of Rennes France was her final resting place.

She "was dressed in simple religious vestments: a cape, chasuble, a brown habit in coarse wool, a plain linen shirt, woollen leg warmers, and leather shoes with cork soles. A devotional scapular was wrapped around her right arm and her hands were joined and holding a crucifix. Her face was covered with a shroud, two bonnets and a hood." [Source: The Guardian]

Four other lead coffins dating from the 17th century were also found at the site of the Saint-Joseph chapel, as well as 800 other graves containing skeletons.

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