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March 19, 2016

British Home Children Forgotten in Mass Graves

This is a poignant and disturbing story of 75 children whose remains lie buried, unmarked and virtually forgotten in a pair of mass graves at an Etobicoke cemetery. 

They were British home children, sent from the U.K. to Canada.

"Victorian-era kids sent to Canada to build a better life often suffered a sad fate; now a research group is trying to tell their stories." []

Read more and see the photos on Dozens of ‘British home children’ lie forgotten in Etobicoke cemetery


Unknown said...

Back in the late 70s or 80s, CBC did a documentary on the home kids showing how some did well while others were abused ..... They need to re-show it. My Aunt Sarah Selina Tate and her husband Joseph, fostered a girl, Dorothy Elsie Batty and all photos of her show a happy well adjusted little one. They wanted to adopt her but 1914 or so the mother came along and Dorothy vanished from us forever. She had a sister as well but I know nothing of her! I was curious who was the unknown little girl featuring in turn of the century pics, So I sent an email to the archivist at Barnardo's and she replied with enough information I was able to fill in some blanks....Barnardo may have relaxed restrictions because my understanding is that they release only to blood relativess of kids historically in their care. I restored our family album taken around 1900 in Orillia, Ontario

Laura Aanenson said...

What a heart wrenching story.