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May 3, 2016

Fill Out Your Form Canada!

Yep it's that time. The 2016 Census envelopes were mailed out yesterday. 

This year you have a choice - use the special code inside your envelope to fill out your form online or request a paper form.

Both are easy - make a phone call and enter your special code into the automated system. Your paper form will be mailed to you.

The online questionnaire is quick if you are a short form rather than a long form. You'll find out when you log in. 

I was hoping for the long form but got the short. (I'm a genealogist, remember, and we love those long forms!) I was done filling it out in 5 minutes. So it's not a big deal but it's important!

We need the statistics the census forms provide the government. Genealogists should be geeking out over the chance to fill out a form that your descendants will be happy to see. Speaking of that be sure you tick off the box to YES release your records after 92 years! 

Yesterday the online Stats Canada website crashed due to the enthusiasm of Canadians who flocked to the site to fill out their forms. Way to go, fellow nerds!! That's what being a Canadian is all about. 

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