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February 27, 2017

Genealogists Might Need to Change Passwords

Many of my readers will have heard of the Cloudflare breach but may not be aware of how many sites use this DNS.

To check whether you are using a site that is on the list see List of Sites possibly affected by Cloudflare's #Cloudbleed HTTPS Traffic Leak

When I checked the list, I spotted the sites 23andMe, Fitbit, Feedly, Uber, and others that I know many genealogists use.

While being on the list does NOT necessarily mean that the site has been hacked, in order to be pro-active I changed my passwords on these sites. 

Please note the caveat by the author of this list: "This list contains all domains that use Cloudflare DNS, not just the Cloudflare proxy (the affected service that leaked data). It's a broad sweeping list that includes everything. Just because a domain is on the list does not mean the site is compromised, and sites may be compromised that do not appear on this list."

Credits: Thanks to J.D. Thomas of Accessible Archives for posting the link to the list on Facebook

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