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October 26, 2017

Surnames A-Z: C Names

There's a new meme going around Facebook right now. Genealogists are listing their mother's maiden name, father's surname, maternal and paternal grandparents' surnames and a few more generations back.

It's a cute idea but I don't think it's wise to be providing such detail, especially your mother's maiden name, as it is often the secret question asked on sites where you require a password to log in.

So I'm revising the meme to suit me and I hope others will follow suit, either here as a comment on Olive Tree Genealogy blog, or on their own blog.

Over the coming weeks I'll be listing my surnames starting with "A" and going through the alphabet until I reach "Z".

I'll preface this with a caveat - most surnames are more common than you might think, so sharing a surname doesn't mean we're related. To be completely useful any surname list should have a geographic location and a time period. But this is just a fun little exercise and if you spot a name of interest, just let me know and we'll compare dates and locations.

C SURNAMES: Caplin, Carr, Casier, Caspall, Chevallereau, Clark, Clauss, Clement, Clopper, Coburger, Cockling, Coerte, Cole, Concklin, Cooke, Coppin, Covell, Creest, Cresson, Crunden, Cullmer, Curling

Join me - maybe we connect! Find previous surnames on Surnames A-Z


Marian B. Wood said...

Thanks to you, I'm participating in this meme but without full names/dates. Like you, I'm listing surnames only by family tree. Who knows when a cousin might read an entry and get in touch? Thanks for the idea to modify the meme.

T said...

We share some names. My list goes from fully documented to WHERE did they come from! So frustrating to never find a clue.

Cooke, Manassah son of Ephriam. A Mayflower Cooke.
Carr, Esek 1650 R.I.- 1744 R.I.
Clark/e, Peggy/Margaret married in Prince Edward Island 1792 to Ebenezer Ward. Still there in 1798 and the trail ends. Who was she?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Sadly my Clarke and Cook are in England. Clarke in Scarboro, Cook in Kent

Doris Waggoner said...

CREECY many generations, mostly in VA, little data until they intermarry with Waggoners in central IL ca. 1890.
CURTIS 1900 and later in CA

Marcy Belles said...

Here's the link to my C Names.