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March 3, 2018

Pic Scanner Gold - a Treat to Use!

Recently I was offered a free copy of a new app called Pic Scanner Gold. Since I'm all about rescuing, scanning, and preserving photographs, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Long story short, I love it! If you're a genealogist this app is for you. I have other scanners but what I like about this app is that if I don't have my mobile scanner with me, I can just pull my phone out of my purse and bingo - I'm set to grab scans of documents or family photos at auntie's house.

The Details

There is so much this scanner app has to offer - blemish control, crop, rotate, blur, focus, and more. The tools are a lot of fun to play with but make sure you have lots of time to try various things!

Easy Instructions
When you first start the app you are at the Home page. Select your photo, choose Scanner, and the app detects the photo. Snap it and the photo pops into Gallery where you can select it and start playing with the tools. Here are a few screenshots I took as I played with my first photo:

My scan was crooked because
I held the camera incorrectly
The crooked scan can be easily
fixed using the Rotate tool
Photo scan rotated
Photo scan sharpened
Add a free frame for fun
Maybe you prefer Vignette

You can create albums to keep your scans organized - and that's a real boon for genealogists! You can even create slide shows. You can add notes to your scans. All in all there are many goodies with this scanner, and they're easy to use with great results.

One piece of advice - don't use your iPad to scan as it is a bit more challenging to hold steady. I used my iPhone with no trouble.

Pic Scanner Gold has a FAQ online which has more information. The app is available in the App store


A.N. said...

If you are an iPad but not iPhone user, here's how to get steady shots with your iPad: Place iPad facing down on a locker shelf (look it up in Googles Images if you don't know what it is:), attach headphones cable to iPad, and use 'volume up' button to operate the camera shutter. Or use a Bluetooth remote control.

Dana Leeds said...

It looks like a great app! I've been using an iPhone app called TinyScanner for the past few years and have been quite happy with it, too.

paperquilter said...

Another great free app is Google Photo Scan. It can straighten, adjust etc all at the same time as taking the picture, but I find the most useful feature is it removes that bright glare spot that happens when you need to use the flash on a glossy or glass surface (framed photo on the wall for example). As you say, great to have a good scanner in your purse or pocket!