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March 7, 2018

What To Do With a 1943 Wedding Dress

This is a photo of my husband's Aunt Florence Hooper (nee Elgie) on her wedding day in 1943. The dress and veil Florence wore in 1943 is now in our possession.

On the left is the lovely dress worn by my husband's Aunt Florence at her wedding November 6th 1943. Florence, born an Elgie, married Wilbert Hooper in St. Mary's Ontario Canada.

After her death, her lovely dress and veil came to my husband and we've been debating what to do with it ever since.

Today we decided to donate it to our local theatre group in hopes they can use it in one of their productions.

Below see the Wedding Invitation for Florence and her marriage certificate. It makes a lovely group of family heirlooms and I wish we didn't have to separate the dress from everything else but we cannot care for it properly.

What would you do with a family heirloom like this?  

clipping from the local newspaper



daven5port said...

You must have a museum near you -- they would probably love to have it and if you want to keep the pictures and certificate of marriage, invitation and the newspaper picture -- you can make a copy of them to put with the dress.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

If we decided to donate the package to a museum it wouldn't be the small one in our nearest town. They have an overflow of donations filling their basement (as MANY museums do!) that are never seen by the public. And Florence wasn't from here.

But you have a good idea - we may look into St. Mary's Museum to see if they are interested as Florence's husband was the owner of the local dairy (Hooper Dairy).