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March 21, 2018

Update on 1943 Wedding Dress - it has a Home!

Last week I wrote about a 1943 Wedding Dress that had come down in the family and was now in our possession. What To Do With a 1943 Wedding Dress
explained that we have a beautiful dress worn by my husband's grandmother's sister Florence Elgie when she married Wilbert Hooper in St. Mary's Ontario.

As well as the dress we had the original marriage certificate and a newspaper clipping which contained a photo of the wedding party. I asked for suggestions on what we should do with this dress. One I received was to donate it to a local museum, so I contacted St. Marys Museum and Archives and a few days later received a reply that yes they were interested.

Then the fun began! We knew that my mother-in-law had more items that related to this St. Mary's family. Because they owned the Hooper Dairy in that small town I decided the museum would probably be delighted to receive everything we had.

You can see from the photo on the left all the goodies, such as Hooper Dairy milk bottles and milk tickets and tokens. We even have a photo of the original building for  "C.F. Hooper, Exeter Ontario New Laid Eggs". The wedding dress went back into its original box (top upper right of the photo above) wrapped carefully in its original tissue paper.

I'm excited about getting this packed up and shipped off to St. Marys Museum o Monday. Thank you to my readers who had suggestions and especially to daven5port whose idea it was to ask a local museum.

1 comment:

Marian B. Wood said...

This is a wonderful donation that I'm sure will be appreciated for the historical detail and significance. Plus the family info will remain with these donated items and future researchers will know something about who, what, when, and where. Well done!