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September 23, 2019

A New Leaf TV Show Starts Oct 5th!

Host Daisy Fuentes is taking ordinary people on an emotional journey to help them discover more about their family’s origins. Who will add A New Leaf to their family tree?

From A New Leaf Facebook page:

A New Leaf will follow everyday people on the cusp of key life inflection points, using family history, genealogy, and sometimes DNA analysis to help guide them on their journey of self discovery. Along the way, viewers will learn about different cultures as our featured guest uncovers new information about their family's heritage. Each week, A New Leaf will teach viewers the importance of appreciating and understanding their family history in order to make important decisions to enact positive changes in their lives.

Catch the Series Premiere on NBC on Saturday, October 5th!


Dianne Nolin said...

On the West Coast it’s on KING /NBC on Sunday Oct 6 at 3:30

Lee Hoffman said...

I have enjoyed the “A New Leaf” TV show during the past season and miss it now that the season is over. I think the only improvement (aside from more episodes) would be to a better explanation and demo of exactly what a leaf represents and possibly suggestions on how to use them (e. g., including verification that a hint applies to this person). The present explanation is too short to really be understood by many that are unfamiliar with In fact, I had to rewind my recording to catch what has been said. This is also the question I get when I happen to talk with someone that is just getting started in genealogy. I realize there is limited time for a lengthy explanation, but an extra sentence or two per episode would be helpful. Any extended (beyond the present) explanation (and demo) need only be done once per episode although a second reference in an episode by demo may also be helpful.