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September 25, 2019

Searchable Illinois Physcian Database Online

James Craig Small 1917
The Illinois State Archives is happy to announce that the Physician Database is now available on CyberDriveIllinois

The database consists of more than 62,700 physicians and surgeons who registered for license with the Illinois State Board of Health and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. The records span August 1877 to February 17, 1937.

The database contains more than 62,700 names of physicians or surgeons. Entries include the physician’s full name; certificate number issued; the known counties where the physician resided; year of registration or certificate issuance; and the volume and page numbers of the register where the physician’s entry appeared. Beginning in September 1898, the line number on the register page containing the entry is also listed. The date of birth for each physician or surgeon is included starting in 1924. Register entries occasionally listed multiple registration dates, counties, or ages for some physicians or surgeons.

Each database entry contains a link to the image of the register pages containing the physician’s entry.Here is the entry for the image above

Name James Craig Small
Certificate Number 12787
Line Number 7
Original Volume & Page #'s V. 11, n.p.
Year of License 1917
Residence/Location (Illinois Counties Listed) Cook


RonNasty said...

I can't believe I actually found someone in their database! Thanks for posting this link.

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Fantastic! That's what I like to hear:-)

fawnda10 said...

Thanks! Also contains the college where they obtained their degree, nativity and many have a "notes" section that will say where they "removed to".