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September 1, 2019

Online Images Boston Pilot Missing Friends

Boston Pilot (1838-1857)
Volume XI, Number 41, 7 October 1848
Run, don't walk, to view the online pages of The Boston Pilot  at Boston College Libraries to match your ancestor found in my Missing Friends Project.

The Missing Friends Project is abstracting the names of those who immigrated from UK to America or Canada and who were inquired about by family in various 19th Century newspapers. 

Missing Friends Project starts with Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, published in London England and their weekly column (1886-1900) called "Long Lost Relatives". We also have begun extracting names of those in the Boston Pilot, published in Boston Massachusetts (1831-1921).

Our Boston Pilot project is only extracting the names of missing Irish individuals who sailed to Canada. It is important to note that many who sailed first to Canada went on to USA and are so noted in the extracts. Many of the relatives and friends seeking them were based in USA and their location is also given.

Available online: 27 January 1838 - 26 December 1857 (996 issues)

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