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August 23, 2010

Sam's Mustache Cup

Yesterday hubby went to visit his grandfather's sister's husband Mac. Both his grandfather and grandfather's sister are deceased but Mac is in his 90s and living in the same town where my husband's family settled in the 1840s.

Sam's Mustache Cup
Mac showed hubby several items that belonged to his wife's parents and grandparents - photos, family bibles and other treasures. To my hubby's surprise, Mac gave him everything he could find including a mustache cup that belonged to hubby's great-great grandfather Sam Sandercock. Co-incidentally we have a small collection of mustache cups in our home.

Sam was Mac's wife's grandfather and it seems she inherited some family treasures when Sam died in 1949. Because she and Mac had no children, Mac has no one to give these items to. So hubby came home with a very pretty mustache cup which has extra meaning because his great-great grandpa used to drink from it.

I'm so glad that these items have been treasured and now passed on to my husband who in turn will treasure them and treat them with great care.


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Ooooh, what a beaut! Great family heirloom!! Kinda dainty for a guy, I can just see him with his little pinky up in the air while he's sippin, LOL!

Harriet said...

Wow! How nice that he gave these treasures to your husband.