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August 9, 2012

Found: Wedding Photo 1907 Ramsgate England

1907 Wedding Ernest Simpson-Cordelia Cook
This is an 8"x6" photo I own. It was taken in Ramsgate, Kent England on 27 December 1907 at the wedding of my grandmother's brother Ernest Simpson to Cordelia Cook.

You can't see the entire item as it is on some kind of grey mat which is very dirty and torn at the corners. I've made copies to share with my siblings but thought I'd post it on Olive Tree Genealogy blog because either my mother or grandmother recorded the names of almost everyone in the photo! She didn't always use first names; perhaps she didn't know them. I did some research to find out who they were and any that I found I've noted their first name in brackets.

I knew several of the individuals as they were my grandmother's parents and siblings. But many were unknown to me so having the names is important. Many of these individuals left England for Canada. One went to Australia and several remained in Kent England.

Perhaps someone will recognize an ancestor or two:
Back row left to right: Horace Cook (Cordelia's brother), Albert Simpson (my grandmother's brother)

Middle row (standing): Mr. Cook (Henry, the father of Cordelia), Mrs. Cook (Rose Dugwell), my great grandfather David Simpson

Front row (seated): Alice Riches, Lillian Simpson (my grandmother's sister)

Back row (standing): Albert Simpson, Molly (Maude) Stace (she later married Albert Simpson and they settled in Australia), Henry Portice

Middle row (standing): David Simpson (my great grandfather), Mrs. D. Simpson (Sarah nee Stead, my great grandmother), Mrs. Simpson (Sarah nee Page, my great great grandmother), Edith Cook (Cordelia's sister - she left England for Canada)

Next row (seated): Ernest Simpson (my grandmother's brother and the groom), Cordelia Cook (the bride)

Front row (seated): My grandmother Ruth Simpson (emigrated to Canada), her brother Sydney Simpson (also settled in Canada), Rhoda Cook

Back row: Henry Portice, Harry Cook (Cordelia's brother)

Middle row: Sarah Simpson nee Page, Emily Grant, Edith Portice, Mrs. Giles

Front row: Cordelia Cook (she and Ernest Simpson settled in Canada), Edith Cook (Cordelia's sister), Mrs. Coley


The Grandmother Here said...

Wonderful picture! A treasure. I am sure glad we don't have to wear such uncomfortable clothing. Or wash, dry, and iron the old fashioned way. I enjoy the privilege of clean clothes every day because of the ease of doing laundry now. Did I mention flush toilets?

Celia Lewis said...

Gorgeous photo, Lorine! I love all the wonderful best-dressed relatives, and having the names - a true treasure! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful photo.

Jana Last said...

Lovely photo! Amazing to have the names of almost everyone in the photograph too.

Vermont Weddings said...

What a great memorabilia..

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

It is gorgeous isn't it? I love these old photos! My grandmother showed me photos of her siblings and parents so many times that I knew who they were in this photo.

But I would never have known who all the bride's relatives were, or the names of the others in this picture without the labelling on the back.

My grandmother gave this photo to me, along with many other items - photos and other treasures - when I was a teenager. Thank goodness I respected and loved it enough to take care of it throughout the years!