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August 14, 2012

Genealogy Treasure No. 3: 1872 Land Deed Carscallen

This is the third set of documents in the batch I purchased at an antique store in Kingston Ontario July 27, 2012. For details, see Found! Treasure Trove of Land Documents from Ontario Canada

This Deed of Land is in the name of Geo (George) Carscallen. It consists of an Oath by Walter Scott Williams of Napanee stating that he witnessed Alexander Williamson Carscallen sign an Instrument. Date is May 1873.

Another Oath is from Andrew Wilde of N. Fredricksburgh Township, yeoman, stating he was present when George, Thomas, Jane, Craig Luke, Edward, Metcalf, Elizabeth, Emily and Ann Carscallen signed an instrument. Date is 5 May 1873

Lastly is an Indenture dated 11 Jan 1872 between George Carscallen and Alexander, Thomas, James, Craig Luke, Edward and Metcalf Carscallen. Also named are Elizabeth wife of George Carscallen, Emily, wife of James and Ann wife of Craig Luke. There are many details and the signatures of all involved.

More documents will follow as I scan them and extract their details.  If you are a descendant and would like to see these records, they are now with Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives,
97 Thomas Street East,
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 4B9

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