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August 7, 2012

Genealogy Treasure No. 2: Carscallen Land Records 1884

This is the second set of documents in the batch I purchased at an antique store in Kingston Ontario July 27, 2012. For details, see Found! Treasure Trove of Land Documents from Ontario Canada

James Carscallen Declaration
Several documents were dated March 1884 and all referenced land Lot 16, Concession 6 in Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington Co. Ontario Canada

One was the Declaration of James Carscallen (on left). It begins with "I, James Carscallen, of Napanee, Co. of Lennox & Addington, manufacturer..." and continues with the statement that he is the son of Edward R. Carscallen who died December 1871.

The declaration states that Edward Carscallen had 8 sons: George, Alexander Williamson, Thomas, Craig Luke, Edward, Metcalf, William and James.

March 1884 Carscallen Documents
James' declaration also states that in January 1872 the East 1/2 of Lot 16, Concession 6, Richmond Township, was conveyed to William Carscallen.

There is much more detail in the document as to what has happened to the land and why he is offering his declaration.

A two-page letter dated March 14, 1884 from W. G. Wilson, Soliciter addressed to "My dear Gibson" was also in this bundle. It is regarding the lease of land to William Carscallen.

The letter names heirs of E. R. Carscallen, namely Fanny, his wife, and a son James. A Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews is also mentioned along with a request for money to be sent to her. A scribbled notation in the margin adds "she is an old lady about 80"

The last paper in this bundle is dated March 21, 1884 and is on letterhead of W. S. Williams, US Consular Agent. It is addressed to Robison, O'Brien & Gibson, Barristers, Toronto Ontario. It is in regard to the execution against the land in William Carscallen's name.

More documents will follow as I scan them and extract their details.  If you are a descendant and would like to see these records, they are now with Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives,
97 Thomas Street East,
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 4B9

Lorine's Research
Research on the Carscallen family on reveals a great deal of information about them. Edward Riggs Carscallen married Frances (Fanny) Moss and lived in Richmond Twp, Lennox & Addington Co. Ontario. He is found on the 1851 census living beside Rebecca Parks and her sons.

In the 1851 census for Richmond only 7 sons are listed (Craig Luke is missing) but living with the family is an Elizabeth Gill age 7. She is continues to be found with Edward Carscallen in the census records for 1861 and 1871, and is noted as a family member.

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