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December 31, 2012

3rd Great Grandpa's House Built 1860 For Sale

Massey Home built in 1860 for sale
Rear of the House
The house that my husband's 3rd great-grandfather William Massey built in 1860 is up for sale.

I talked about this house in a previous blog post at History of the Massey Home 1860 to Present

It's been completely renovated inside and out and is vastly different but the original home is the base. Someone at some point in time did an amazing job at renovating and decorating it.

See the photos of this beautiful home as it stands now.

Massey House Front View 1908
Massey House Front View 2012


Mariann Regan said...

An amazing story. This serendipity must have been so satisfying for hubs. I can see from the front and rear views how the renovation took place, and it certainly has become a beautiful modern house. Did the Civil War in the States (1861-65) have any affect on Canada, in terms of material or supplies or any other interaction ...?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Mariann - that's a great question about the Civil war but I don't know the answer! Hubs' 3x great grandpa William Massey, who built this house, enlisted (some Canadians did) but we are pretty sure he signed up under a phony name and to avoid going to jail. We've never found his enlistment records

He was arrested in 1863 for stealing from the American Express Co. where he was working. Anyway he left Canada and ended up in Tennessee, apparently enlisted, and then came home in 1865 and died. I should write a blog post about him! :-)

Sharon Hartenbach said...

Lorine -- My name is Sharon Duke Hartenbach. My grandfather, Roy Valverde Massey was a grandson of William Massey. The info on the house is very interesting. I wish my mother, Ellen Massey Duke, was still alive. She would have loved seeing these pictures. My husband and I are going to Great Britain in August, planning a few days in Delgany where William was born. My email is Please stay in touch.