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December 28, 2012 Files Lawsuit Against has filed a lawsuit against The plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) are listed as

Plaintiffs: Cyndi's List  and Cynthia Howells 
Defendants: and Barry J Ewell

 The suit is listed as Intellectual Property - Copyrights. For a brief summary of the case see Dockets & Filings

A search for Cause 17:101 as listed on Justia provides information on this specific section of Copyright from Cornell University Law School

Cyndi started her website in 1996, the same year I started Olive Tree Genealogy  and we've been friends since that time. Copyright is a serious issue online and I'm certain the genealogy community will be following Cyndi's case with great interest.

As stated by Michael J. Neil on his blog post at Cyndi will not be responding to questions about this lawsuit.

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