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December 21, 2012

Historic Homes - the Sandercock House

Sam Sandercock Home, St. Mary's Ontario Canada
Sam Sandercock Home, St. Mary's Ontario Canada
This home was purchased in 1919 by my husband's 2nd great-grandparents, J. Samuel (Sam) Sandercock (Sandercott) and his wife Ann Theresa Jackson.

The Sandercock family lived there until 1974 when their bachelor son Wilbur aka Tiny died.

Recently the St. Mary's Museum in St. Mary's Ontario did a write-up in the St. Mary's Journal Argus about the Sandercock family and this house. Much of their genealogical family information came from my husband,

As the published article states, Sam and Ann lost two of their sons in WW1. I've written about the Sandercock family and those boys previously on the Olive Tree Genealogy blog, and featured a postcard sent by one of them (Cecil) to his only sister Myrtle (my husband's great-grandmother) during the war.

Postcard from Cecil Sandercok 1918

Hubs' family believes in preserving and passing on family treasures, and hubs is lucky enough to own the postcard sent by Cecil two months before he was killed in 1918 as well as Cecil's war medals.

We also have a photo of the Sandercock family with Sam and his boys in full uniform, taken shortly before they were all sent overseas.
Cecil Sandercock WW1 Medals

In a serendiptitious twist,  last year hubs was given Sam Sandercock's mustache cup to add to his collection of antique mustache cups.

Sam Sandercock's Mustache Cup

The photo behind Sam's mustache cup is of Sam and his son Bill who was killed one year before his brother Cecil during WW1.

Journal Argus story of the Sandercock House


Celia Lewis said...

This is so interesting, Lorine. How sad to lose 2 sons however in WW1 - each of my grandparents lost a brother in the Great War. I looked up St. Mary's in ON - lovely webpages for this pretty town. The train station itself makes one want to go there! Thanks for sharing about this house and family.

ann said...

Ann Jackson is my great aunt my grand father talked about her,she last visit mi in 1849