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April 1, 2013

Soldier's Case #5: 3 years later we have a happy ending!

T. H.
T. 12/44

Another happy ending thanks to the hard work of my readers! Two years ago we made contact with Thomas H. Stull's nephew but sometimes events move slowly. Contact was lost, then regained, and so on. But last week Craig was finally able to return the dog tags to the family.

Case #5. T. H. Stull  Marine Corps WW2 CASE SOLVED Dec. 2012 It took 2 years but we did it! Contact has been made with Thomas Stull's nephew James. See Another Happy Ending!

I think this very kind note received a few days ago says it all.

Lorine - just a short follow-up note to tell you that the dog-tags for Tom Stull were delivered successfully.   This has been a long and interesting 3 year effort leading to numerous dead-ends.  We'd all but given up but, thankfully, discovered your web site and you were able to track down family members who are thrilled to have the memento.  Thank you for all you do.  It is often the "little things that count."  Fond regards - Craig

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