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April 28, 2013

The Jackie Clarke Collection: Treasure Trove of Irish Historial Artifacts

The Jackie Clarke Collection: Treasure Trove of Irish Historial Artifacts
Local fish merchant Jackie Clarke collected a treasure trove of Irish miscellany during his lifetime. Ballina, Co. Mayo Ireland was his home since his birth in 1929 until his death in 2000. His wife never knew the extent of his collection because it was kept in a locked room.

After his death, his widow decided it was time to share the newspaper clippings and documents her husband had gathered over the years. So she called in historian and author Sinead McCoole to organize the collection for display. It was estimated that this job would take about 6 weeks.

Then McCoole saw the extent of the historical treasure trove. Bundles and bundles wrapped in parcel paper; fish boxes and fish boxes packed with documents; stuff, and stuff, and more stuff. Six weeks became six months, and then a year. It is eight years later and Ms. McCoole is still at it.

In all there are more than 100,000 items that provide insight into Ireland’s long struggle to free itself of English rule. Some items are fragile maps and rare newspapers, political posters and editorial cartoons, books, diaries, photographs, and films.

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Mariann Regan said...

An amazing sight. I guess my big bundle of stuff isn't so bad, after all. At least it won't take me 8 years. Thanks for telling this amazing story.