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April 4, 2013

Why is AncestryDNA only available to those living in USA?

Why is AncestryDNA only available to Americans?
Many of my readers have asked me why Ancestry DNA tests are only available to those living in USA. So I reached out to my contacts at to ask the question. Here is their (brief) answer:

There are many factors when offering a DNA test at large scale internationally. These include issues relating to international logistics and regulations, which we are reviewing. It is our hope to offer AncestryDNA internationally and we will let our members know as soon as an AncestryDNA test is available in their market.
 So those of you, like me, who live in Canada or England or Australia or any other country other than the United States will just have to be patient awhile longer! Here's hoping we don't have to wait long.  Especially since all the other big DNA companies are offering international, and have for several years.


Pidgeoncoop said...

I had not realised this exclusion. Whilst at RootsTech I enquired about adding my DNA results, which I already have from FamilyTree DNA. I was shown how to enter the information manually rather than taking their new US$99 test. Seems I can not do that in Australia, which makes no sense as I already have the data.

irish maggie said...

thats very strange I had 2 DNA tests done by ancestry & I live in England!!!!!