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December 30, 2014

Genealogy Companies - Who Owns What?

Have you ever wondered who owns what in the genealogy world? 

A blog post by Alona Tester on Genealogy & History News contains some impressive research on the big genealogy companies and come up with an interesting list of what smaller sites each company owns.

You can read the list at Who Owns What in the Genealogy World


Alona @ GouldGenealogy said...

Thanks Lorine. It's really interesting isn't it.

Andre Mostert said...

Thanks Olive Tree I suspect this total blows the minds of those who thought the Mormons dominated everything genealogy.

As a Mormon I am also now able to get free most information from, and (for which I also have had a paid subscription for several years). That is because the LDS Church (Family Search) has made arrangements with those sites, at least for the present time.

Joanne Merrill said...

The sale was not as simple as that. Read what was written in Provo newspaper Oct 2012:

"According to leaders at and Permira Funds, the firm acquiring the company, the Provo office will continue operating as normal. The company will remain headquartered in Provo with employees in San Francisco, Dublin, London and other international markets. president and CEO Sullivan and Howard Hochhauser,'s chief financial officer and chief operating officer, will maintain a majority of their equity stakes in the company as part of the transaction. Spectrum Equity, which owns 30 percent of the company, will remain an investor, according to a news release announcing the sale."

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thanks for the info Joanne but since I'm not the blogger who wrote the original article you might want to pass this on to her.