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December 6, 2014

No. 5 of My Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries: Nathaniel Simpson

A Facebook friend recently posted her top 10 Genealogy Mysteries.  They aren't brick walls because there is probably an answer somewhere, just waiting to be found.

I thought this was a great idea and I am following suit with my Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries. Of course any help or suggestions for further research are welcome. You can read my other Genealogy Mysteries at Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries
Here is my Number 5 of my Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries:

Nathaniel Simpson born between 1760-1779 in England, died after 1842

The Known Facts

On 07 Oct 1799 Nathaniel Simpson married Ann Latcham in Westfield, Sussex England. They were my 5th great-grandparents. 

On 20 July 1800 my 4th great grandfather Charles Simpson was born to Nathaniel and Ann in Hailsham, East Sussex England. I have not found any other children born to Nathaniel and Ann. By 1822 Charles was in Kent where he married Elizabeth Whibley in January of that year in St. Marys, Chatham, Kent. By the 1841 Census Charles and his wife and family are found in the village of Wouldham in Kent England. There is no sign of his parents in the village.

I have not found any other record of Nathaniel or his wife Ann so this is definintely one of my biggest challenges. I've consulted FamilySearch, FindMyPast, Ancestry, UK Archives, Sussex OPC and British Newspapers without success.


Rosemary said...

There is a Mr Nath Simpson (adult, English, Farmer) and a Mrs Simpson (adult, English, his wife) who arrived in Melbourne from Liverpool during January 1858 as an assisted immigrant.

This is a very long shot, but who knows?

Haz said...

Is it possible that as he is the only found child they were elderly parents.I do not know the area but if they were older or poor what provision was made for them in the original home town. 'In home care or work house.?' If they moved with their son did the church supply a removal certificate.

Anonymous said...


Have you tried the National Burial Index for Nathaniel's Death?

There is one for a Nathaniel Simpson 13 May 1808 at St Mary Battle (parish next to Westfield).

Could be why there are no other children for Nathaniel and Ann.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thank you for your ideas everyone.

Baker 1865 I did find that burial and wondered about it but didn't know St. Mary (Battle) was next to Westfield. That definitely intrigues me! Thank you