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December 14, 2014

Paul Revere's 1795 Time Capsule Found

Workers investigating a water leak in the Massachusetts State House in Boston, were surprised to stumble on a time capsule buried in 1795 by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

Paul Revere's 1795 Time Capsule Found
Hatchford holds Time Capsule Box
Pamela Hatchfield, the head of object conservation at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, was called in to carefully chip away the plaster around the small box so it could be removed.

Staff will be X-raying the box and studying it before deciding what the next step will be. They hope to open it safely and do whatever is necessary to preserve the contents. The contents are not known although there is some evidence indicating there might be coins, a plate and a plaque inside.

Historians know that the box was opened in 1855 and the contents treated with acid so there is concern that there could be deterioration. Once the contents are examined and treated, the decision will be made as to what the box's future will be.

Credit: Still shot from video online at

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Anonymous said...

Is her name Hatchfield or Hatchford, two different spellings above.