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December 5, 2014

New E-book Filling in the Gaps: Finding Pre 1865 Ships Passenger Lists to Canada

I am excited to announce my new 82 page E-Book  Filling in the Gaps: Finding Pre-1865 Ships Passenger Lists to Canada (available in USA) and Filling in the Gaps: Finding Pre-1865 Ships Passenger Lists to Canada (available in CANADA)

Before 1865 passenger lists for ships arriving at ports in Canada did not have to be archived. It is therefore a challenging time period in which to find passenger lists.

The good news is that there are alternate records such as shipping agent records, emigration agent ledger books and newspaper extracts, to name a few. These records may record your ancestor’s name showing his or her arrival.

Finding these alternate records is not an easy task. My book has gathered together all known resources for those pre-1865 passenger lists. Each item in this book provides a brief overview of what is in each record set and where it can be found. If it is online, links are included. As well I have transcribed some passenger lists exclusively for readers of this book. I have not published them online. 

I hope that this book will help genealogists hunting for an ancestor who arrived in a Canadian port before 1865. 


Don Hall said...

I bought your book. I have several Kindle books from This was the first one which does not load on my Kobo reader. There is a message about DRM. This is very disappointing to have a Canadian book which is not available to read on a "Canadian" eReader.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Hello Don,

I am sorry my ebook won't load on your Kobo reader. I am not familiar with the format used for Kobo.

My books are published on Amazon (and nowhere else) under their Kindle Publishing Program. Amazon formats them autmoatically in a specific way for Kindle (the format is .mobi)

I cannot sell them in other formats on other sites but the good news is that you can download the FREE Kindle app or Kindle cloud reader from the Amazon website and read the book on your computer, laptop, iPad, phone and so on.

btw it took me MONTHS to learn how to format a book for ebook sales and trying to learn how to format them for other carriers other than Kindle would require a huge investment of time on my part.

I do not know why you could load some books from .ca and not mine. I have no control over how Amazon Kindle program formats it

CallieK said...

Hi Don,
I have a Kobo as well, mine is the Arc which functions as a tablet as well. I was able to load the Kindle app to mine and can read any books I get from Amazon that way. I've never tried to load them in the Kobo reader!

Jo Henn said...

Oh boy! Thanks so much for all your hard work! This is going to be so helpful! I just bought it (it's the 1st book I boight on my new Kindle app on my iPad).