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December 31, 2014

What Was Your Biggest Genealogy Discovery in 2014?

I had several pretty big and exciting discoveries in 2014 but I think the biggest was one for my husband's ancestry. 

DNA Results Showing Ethnic Origins
Hubs' DNA Summary
We discovered through DNA testing that hubs' great grandfather was not really his great grandfather. Family rumour had always claimed that great grandma had been fooling around with "the hired man Cooper" and sure enough, that rumour was proven true. If you're interested in the full story of how DNA helped prove this, see

DNA Gave My Husband a Completely Different Great Grandfather

We connected with a cousin through the new Cooper line and have had great fun doing more research on the family. Sadly we had to literally toss out all the previous research done on the line we thought was his. But with a sudden and unexpected twist in genealogy findings comes the opportunity and excitement of researching new ancestors and discovering new facts.

What was your biggest genealogy discovery in 2014?


Peg said...

Not a discovery as such, but I hosted a family reunion to celebrate the birth of my maternal great-great grandparents who were born in 1814 (we think). I met several "cousins" in person, and some of us walked a very wet, boggy trail to the place we think my gggfather and his partner built their first sawmill, and I took along a marker so some of us could sign our name in the dead tree trunk that was growing up through the cellar. We had a wonderful weekend together, and now several of them are facebook friends and we are in touch. Great fun.

Claudia said...

I searched for my great grandmothers identical twin sister and just could not find that woman.

I found her and she had married a man with the same last name as her. Katherine Naughton married Patrick Naughton and she was there all the time.

Dana Leeds said...

My biggest find was not one, but two murders in the family! And I already knew about another murder. Who knows what you'll uncover?

And, your husband's story is amazing. Isn't DNA a great tool?

Anonymous said...

I found another Mayflower ancestor, Richard Warren. That brings our family's proven total number of ancestors on the Mayflower to 8.