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March 22, 2015

Help Blaine Bettinger with a DNA Study

Fellow genealogist and DNA expert gathering data about the ranges of DNA shared by known relatives. While it is possible to predict approximately how much DNA you share with a close relative, the actual numbers vary greatly.

All Blaine needs is a known relationship (for example brother/sister; father/child; cousins) and two numbers from your DNA results.  Blaine explains where to find these numbers if you have a kit from FamilyTreeDNA at 

The submission form is also found there. If you are using 23andMe, you will probably need
 this explanation on how to get those two numbers. See

Please note that using Kitty's method above you will still need the largest number in the list as that is your second number to submit. 

If you submit before April 1, 2015 you will be eligible for a draw to win a Family Finder DNA kit. 

Olive Tree Genealogy submitted 3 sets of relationships for Blaine's study and have a few more to do. Let's all help Blaine with this study! 

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