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March 14, 2015

Josh Groban this Sunday on Who Do You Think You Are?

Josh Groban this Sunday on Who Do You Think You Are? Josh Groban knows little about his mother’s lineage and sets out on a journey to learn more about this side of his family on Who Do You Think You Are?,  airing this Sunday, March 15 at 10/9c on TLC.

 Josh traces his ancestors’ roots from Los Angeles to Germany and follows the trail of his 8x great-grandfather, discovering a brilliant man who was not only a deacon, but also a music and singing teacher and a well-known astronomer. But Josh finds that his ancestor’s predictions of cataclysmic doom put him in the crosshairs of the church and the fate of his family on the line.

 Key details discovered in Josh’s episode include:

  •     Josh Groban traces his mother’s family all the way back to 17th century Germany; he finds an ancestor with a brilliant mind who clashes with the church and is tormented by his dark visions of the future.
  •     Josh’s 8x great-grandfather, Johann, was not only a deacon with a wife and children, but taught music and singing at the local university.
  •     An accomplished man, Johann was also a well-known astronomer whose observations of a comet caught the attention of luminaries like Sir Isaac Newton.
  •     Josh learns that his 8x great-grandfather authored more than 12 books on topics ranging from astronomy to mathematics and theology and was part of a movement at the time that believed science was a better way to understand God.
Image Credit: TLC

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