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August 26, 2015

Book Giveaway! Jacob Killman, Loyalist

Book Giveaway! Jacob Killman, LoyalistGood morning everyone! I have been de-cluttering my home for a few days now and came across two books I no longer want. This book is called Curse of the Fleur de Lis: The Biography of Jacob Killman,U.E. "Broken Ear" (Ta-Honh-Ta-Riako) by Murray Killman, U.E.

It's a hardcover book of 285 pages in mint condition with its paper jacket intact. Here's the deal - I'm giving this book away FREE. Yep that's right. The first person to contact me at olivetreegenealogyATgmailDOTcom will be the lucky recipient. 

All I ask is that you agree to pay for shipping but a caveat is that sending mail from Canada is expensive. Using Canada Post online I estimate this book will cost about $16.00 to ship. I will need your postal or zip code to calculate a more accurate cost.

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