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August 3, 2015

Got Blacksheep Ancestors? Join the PhD Study

The site owner tells visitors that a Criminal Record exits to bring together resources for the study of the history of crime in Britain and Ireland. There are also links to Canada and USA resources. Historians and genealogists are being called upon to participate in a survey if they have an ancestor who was involved in some way with criminal records, either as a victim or an instigator.

"I am interested in hearing from anyone who has utilised online resources to further their understanding of the history of crime: genealogists, student, teachers, authors, playwrights, historians etc.   If your ancestor or the subject of your research was recorded as part of a court, prison or other record relating to crime please do get in touch."
Why not take a few minutes to fill out the surveys?

I have completed one ancestor for this survey but between my husband and myself we have dozens who were were involved in court proceedings! I will be creating a list of all our blacksheep ancestors for another blog post so please do watch for it in the next couple of days. I'll be hoping to see my readers list their blacksheep ancestors.

And if you have not visited my son's website Blacksheep Ancestors please take a peek!

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Are you interested in Australian Convicts? There is a lot of excellent documentation on these both in Australia and the UK.

It's always fun to find these.