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November 23, 2015

No. 9 of My Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries: John Greenlees

A Facebook friend recently posted her top 10 Genealogy Mysteries.  They aren't brick walls because there is probably an answer somewhere, just waiting to be found.

I thought this was a great idea and I am following suit with my Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries. Of course any help or suggestions for further research are welcome. You can read my other Genealogy Mysteries at Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries

Here is my Number 9 of 10 Genealogy Mysteries:  

John Greenlees born ca 1781-1791 Fermanagh Ireland married Elizabeth Johnston on 01 September 1814 in Galloon Parish, Clogher Diocese, County Fermanagh 


1814: His marriage to Elizabeth Johnston (whose surname is known from the marriages of their children) is found in FERMANAGH, Galloon Register, Marriages 1798-1830 on Sept. 1, 1814.

1814: At their marriage he is listed as being "of the parish of Aghalurcher" Elizabeth is recorded as "of Drumy. [sic]" I have never been able to find out what parish "Drumy." refers to.

ca 1815: son George born Ireland (no birth or baptism records for any of John and Elizabeth's children have been found)

ca 1815-1816: son Thomas born Ireland

ca 1819: daughter Jane born Ireland. Shortly thereafter the family arrived in Canada (as per John's 1826 land petition. No ships' passenger list found)

ca 1821: daughter Margaret born Canada

1825: daughter Catherine and son John (twins?) born Ontario

1826: John filed a land petition stating he arrived in Ontario in 1819 and has a family of a wife and 6 children.

1826: he placed an ad in an Ontario Canada newspaper stating a stray heifer had been found on his property in Nelson Township, Halton County Ontario.

ca 1827: son James born Ontario 

1830: He appears on the 1830 census for Nelson Twp. Gore District. He is the head  of a family of 9 consisting of himself, 4 sons under the age of 16, his wife, and 3 daughters under the age of 16.

1833: John filed a second land petition

1842: He is on the 1842 census Nelson Twp. Gore District. He is a farmer, and there are 9 people total with 5 people natives of Ireland, 4 people natives of Canada. The census shows that the 5 people not natives of the country have been in the province 21 years which does not quite match up with his earlier land petition

1858: Tremaine Map of Halton County shows John on Concession 1 Lot 10

1861: Census for Nelson Twp, Halton County has 70 year old John and his wife

1862: April 1 John's will is written

1868: Lowville Cemetery stone:  In memory of John Greenleese who died Nov. 5, 1868 Aged 75 years also Elizabeth wife of above Died Apr. 6, 1872 Aged 84 years & 8 mo's both natives of Ireland.  


On 7 May 1805 a John Greenlees age 23 born Fermanagh Ireland joined the54th Foot Soldiers 

There are Greenlees families in Aghalurcher in 1833. Could they be related to my John?

There is a Thomas Greenlees in Aghalurcher in 1788. He could be my John's father. John named his second son "Thomas".  


Who were John's parents? Where and when was he born? Is this my John in 1805 military record above?   


Janelle Collins said...

That's a great idea!

Nicholas Weerts said...

I love this blog idea! I may "steal" this idea for a blog series of my own!
Hope you solve your mystery

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Hi Nicholas, by "stealing" I hope you mean you'll bounce off my post to write yours -- and of course link back to mine as your inspiration!

Nicholas Weerts said...

Oh Lorine, of course! I reference your blog often in my own, and share many of your posts to my blog connected Facebook page.