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September 1, 2017

1931 Autograph Book Found in Bookstore

A bookstore in London Ontario recently discovered an old box sitting in their basement. Inside were various items - school workbooks, a telegram and among the items, a small green leather autograph book inscribed "To Margaret on her 11th Birthday. Dec. 21, 1931"

This child's book, passed on and saved all these years, is now in the London room of the local library. Perhaps Margaret's descendants or relatives will find the book and enjoy reading through it to share what Margaret MacQueen's friends wrote to her so many years ago.

Thanks to Annette Fulford for spotting this story on CBC News.


Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

I'm sure it was a well loved book. My great aunt shared with me her childhood autograph book. The pages she gave to me have messages and signatures of my grandparents and great grandmother. Naturally, those pages are in archival sleeves to preserve them.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

What a wonderful treasure Colleen!