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September 12, 2017

Stevensen, Jacobsen, van Brakel (and more) Descendants Won't Want to Miss This!

Steven Janse was baptised in October 1617 in Nijkerk, Gelderland Holland. A search of church records revealed the names of his parents and grandparents, as well as siblings. These records are all included in this book. In 1636 when Steven was only 18, the Bubonic Plague struck and most of his family died.

Steven and his wife Maria Goosens arrived in New Netherland circa 1648. By 1655 they were living apart and eventually sought a legal divorce in 1663. BOth remarried and Maria had one more child - a son born illegitimately, his father unknown.

Their stories and their descendants to 3 generations are all discussed in this book which is fully sourced with over 250 footnotes. Some of their descendant surnames discussed are Stevensen, Jacobsen, Coning, van Fulpen, Matthews, van Brakel, Erwin, Sebra, Roberts, Darkens, van Veen, Schouten, Fell, Borsie, Kloppers, vanderVolgen, Anderson, Smock, Gleave, Charlton, Pasco, Maurits and Cuyler

 I've published a 118 page book on these families called New Netherland Settlers: Stevensen & Jacobsen: A genealogy to three generations of the descendants of Maria Goosens and her husband Steven Janse and a man named Jacob (Jacobszen Family) (Volume 5)
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