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September 15, 2017

Lockwood Descendants - Here's a Family Bible

With thanks to Annette P., Olive Tree Genealogy is pleased to share this page from a bible belonging to the Lockwood family.

These are BIRTHS in the left-hand column.

Obediah Johnson Feb. 26, 1788
Anna Shelden May 21, 1789
John B. Johnson Sept. 1, 1810
Lucy Johnson Oct. 10, 1812
Frances Johnson Dec. 31, 1814
Angeline & Emeline Nov. 25, 1817
Robert G. Dec. 2, 1821
Abel Douglas March 2, 1824
Reuben Oct. 1x, 1826

The right-hand column appears to be the marriage of Sylvester Lockwood b June 9, 1807 and Angeline Johnson b. Nov. 25, 1817 with a list of their children underneath. I have listed their names and years of birth below but the image provides full detail of date of birth.

Cornelia M. 1838
Martha Jane 1840
James 1842
Frank 1844
Irena 1847
Stephen 1849
Elizabeth 1851
Charles Herbert 1854
Willis 1858

I have another page from this Lockwood family bible and will be posting it here on Olive Tree Genealogy blog soon.

You might also like to check out the blog Family Bibles for more bible genealogy records.


Kathryn Schultz said...

Is there any indication of where this Lockwood family lived? I am looking for Lockwood connections in northeastern North Carolina in the mid- to late-1700s. My ancestor Richard Thompson, according to a later family Bible record, went by the name of Lockwood Thompson, possibly his middle name. Does anyone have information on Lockwood families in this area?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...


When I publish records online I publish ALL information found with that item.

Sorry but I cannot add anything to what I published on my blog.


Kathryn Schultz said...

Thanks for your clarification, Lorine. Even though we might not find out where the !ockwoods in this Bible record were from, perhaps someone knowing about Lockwoods in Granville and Halifax Counties, North Carolina will see my comment and post a reply here. Thanks again for posting this, as I have never seen anything else in a blog on Lockwoods before.

Looking for my husband's Schultzes from Potsdam to Newark, New Jersey, too!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

My son's Schulze ancestors are through his father and they went from Germany to Yorkshire England in the mid 1800s, then to Canada in 1950s. Good luck with your searches!