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September 22, 2017

Lockwood Family Bible p. 2

This is the second page from the Lockwood family bible kindly sent to Olive Tree Genealogy by Annette P.

This is the page of MARRIAGES.

Obediah Johnson & Anna Sheldon
April 30, 1809

Sylvester Lockwood & Angeline Johnson
March 26, 1837

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Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Perhaps your 'genealogy gene' came from the ancestor who diligently recorded those names & dates for the future.

Rachel Dunkley said...

It's wonderful that information can be recorded for the future in this way.

One of my ancestors left information in a family bible. The recipient, Mary Florence Adams, was given the bible on her 21st birthday, and she very carefully marked in her marriage date along with her children's birth dates. The only thing was that because she was pregnant with her first child when she married, she stated that she had married a year earlier than she actually had!!

This is why, although the information written in a bible is a wonderful starting point, it should always be checked using other sources if possible.