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September 6, 2017

Mary Facey Elgie Photo Album p 9


What a great candid photo! It looks like these two are having fun doing the dishes. The woman, identified as Ethel Finch, is no doubt having quite a chuckle over the man, Roy Facey, wearing an apron and doing "woman's work"!

Roy Facey was born in 1890 and was the brother of my husband's great-grandmother Mary Louise Facey Elgie. I believe that Ethel is the 27 year old daughter of Hugh and Mary Finch found in the 1921 census for St. Mary's Ontario. 


Diane Scannell said...

I am really enjoying your posts from this photo album. Wish I could sit down with you and see all the pages and read all the notes on the photos, but I will be patient and wait for each post. So grateful you are sharing this pictorial history.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

We were very lucky to receive this album from Brian's mother. I think he's going to go through it when I'm done, decide what to keep and how to keep it and perhaps donate most of them to the Museum in St. Mary's (or nearby)

I need to get your email addy as I sent for records in Yorkshire on our shared Elgie ancestors- court records mostly.