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February 17, 2020

Finding Ancestors on Tithe Rolls & Plots

Thanks to Twitter frind
@Dave_Lifelines and his explanation of Tithe rolls & maps I've been plotting my ancestors! 
Currently I am working on my Higginson and Bell ancestors in Cheshire England. 
I've begun to notate the map for Elizabeth Higginson in red. Elizabeth had 24 plots in Lower Peover so it's taking me a long time. 
I have not yet plotted my Bell ancestors but one that I found is William Bell. His plot 157 is outlined in blue below.

I also took a peek at the Google street view of what is there now! Below is the Google street view of William Bell on Plot 157 Hulme Lane in Nether Peover.
Dave's explanation is at The Joy of Tithes and should not be overlooked if you have UK ancestors. 

It took me awhile, even with Dave's excellent walk-through, to understand how the Cheshire website worked. But once I played with it a bit, I got the hang of it and now I am super excited to try to find all my Cheshire ancestors.

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Lucille Birkholtz said...

Would love to hear more about the Bell family. I appreciate the help you have given me on our shared ancestor. Thanks!