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February 10, 2020

Greek Genealogy Records Online

A new website launched January 29th. It is and is for anyone searching their Greek ancestors. As the site says, it is "Your gateway to searchable databases of Greek records"

To begin your search, you first choose one of four areas: Tripoli, Chania, Sparta, Kalamata. The site is in English and Greek so don't worry if you can't read Greek.

Next you search by surname or town or village. If you know a record ID you can search using that. If you find a result of interest you can order the record.

As a fun test, I searched for my friend Louis Poulias by his surname and found one hit. If it were one of his ancestors he could order the record.

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Carol Kostakos Petranek said...

New records will be added on a monthly basis. This is the first website with name indexed records in various areas of Greece.