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October 14, 2013

Free Access Toronto Star Archives Newspaper Collection

Free Access Toronto Star Archives Newspaper Collection Toronto Star Archives, formerly Pages of the Past, has free access to their Newspaper database until October 15th.  

The newspapers you can search are:

Toronto Star (text-only, January 1985 to present)
Toronto Star Page Archive (page images, January 1894 to December 2011)
The Record (text-only, October 1990 to present)
Hamilton Spectator (text-only, October 1991 to present)
Guelph Mercury (text-only, September 1999 to present)


Anonymous said...

when I tried to use this link it said that Obituaries, Birth etc were not included. I must have done something wrong. Can anyone help me out?


Anonymous said...

When I tried to FREE search it wants money to subscribe. Not sure how that is free.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

This blog post was published Oct 14, 2013 (the date is at the top of the post). In the post it states "free until Oct. 15th" That's Oct 15, 2013 not forever.

They make it free every so often and I post about it when they do.