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November 23, 2013

Looking for WW2 Canadian Soldiers in Belgium

Looking for WW2 Canadian Soldiers in Belgium
Olive Tree Genealogy received the following note as a comment on one of my blog posts. I don't usually post such items but decided this request was intriguing enough to warrant its own placement here. 

Mr. Landsheer was willing to have his email published so if you can help, please post your information here in the comments section and also send it to Mr. Landsheer's email.

Here is his note:
I am from Belgium and looking for information about Canadian soldiers during WW2. During the war Gent was liberated by Canadian soldiers. Some of these men stayed by the local people of Gent. Some stayed by my grandparents. Both sides kept contact by writing letters. 

Here some information about some soldiers: 

Name Mac Leod Roy his wife Evelin and son Laurie adress: 338 St George Moncton New Brunswick Canada Army unit: C Comp. North S. Regiment C.A.O. 

Name: Eddy Duggan (soldier)his father William Duggan Toronto - Ontario 

Name: Wilkinson Johnny adress: 548 8av and 6419 - 11the Rosemount Montreal 

 Name: Miss Cappi mother of one of the soldiers 

I look forward to more information and I hope some still alive. 

My name: yves De Landsheer 

Credits: "Lost Or Found Directions" by Stuart Miles on FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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